Dear Friends and Family,

Throughout the years, our greatest joy has been celebrating your love stories. Your engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and milestones, and especially those wonderfully spontaneous just-because days, have all breathed life into the walls of Fox’s Seattle. Your love stories have inspired us for more than a century as we’ve shared in everlasting memories. Love is also why, as much as we care about these cherished traditions, the era of Fox’s Seattle must now draw to a close.

Fox’s Seattle has been a beloved business for my family for more than 75 years, and I have considered it my second home since I was a child. I began working at the shop at the age of six, when we were located in Rainier Square and carried the original moniker of Fox’s Gem Shop. Twenty years ago, I stepped into the family business, full-time. As difficult as it is, it is now time for me to step away and focus my time, energy and attention on my own greatest love, my family.

Although this is a bittersweet time for Fox’s Seattle, we wouldn’t dream of closing our doors without taking one final leap with you. We will be holding “The Final Leap: A Celebration Sale” beginning on February 29th, continuing our decades-long custom of offering 20% to 70% off every four years during our Leap Year Sale. This year, however, our sale will be our last hurrah and will continue until the inventory is gone or until our doors close on Saturday April 27.

Until that final day comes, please know that we are here for you and ready to serve you in the style you’ve come to know and love. After all, three generations of my family have served just as many generations of clientele, and we have always been in the business for one reason: you. As our clients, you have referred children and grandchildren to us; talented designers have entrusted their heirloom-quality work to us; and employees have dedicated many years of impeccable service to us and to you. We have found joy in every interaction and are so grateful for each and every one of you.

On behalf of the entire Fox’s Seattle team, thank you for a long and most delightful journey. We will carry your stories with us always. I look forward to seeing you as we celebrate our last time serving you.

All my best,

Zoey Mann